Welcome to Nay’s Custom Leather!

Nay’s Custom Leather was founded by master leather craftsman David Nay.  He didn’t start as a master though.  In his younger days David worked horse back working as a ranch hand, trained as a professional ferrier, and was constantly surrounded by leather products such as saddles, bridles, belts, chaps, and everything else in between.

In the late 90s David was shoeing horses as his main profession.  His ranching days had come to an end when a health problem started getting in the way that prevented him from continuing tho shoe horses.  This was when he started “Nay’s Cowboy Crafts.”  It started as more of a hobby, fixing saddles for friends and doing other leather repairs.

After a time, David decided it was time to begin making other leather products that catered to a wider range of people.  He started making other products and opened up an Etsy shop.

Since opening the Etsy shop, Nay’s Custom Leather has become a father/daughter team offering a wide range of custom leather products.  They are working hard 7 days a week to bring you quality leather products you need!

About David:

David was born in Price, UT.  As a kid you would find him rigging up traps, fishing at the fishing hole, or maybe even getting into a tussle with a skunk.  As an adult he has been married for 29 years and has 3 daughters and 3 grandkids.  When he isn’t working in the shop he enjoys playing acoustic music, spending time with his family (especially the grandkids), and watching zombie movies or a Walking Dead marathon.

About Megan: